Opportunities Available

Plastic Tube Manufacturing Facility

Industry: Construction / Manufacturing

Country: United Arab Emirates

Value: US $ 10,000,000.00

Our client is a well developed plastic conduit and corrugated piping, fittings and systems manufacturer in the UAE, with a very progressive 30% increase in sales year on year. They are currently looking for a strategic partner that can help exploit their full potential into the regional markets.

Recycling Plant

Industry: Industrial

Country: United Arab Emirates

Value: US $ 16,000,000.00

A new venture will use existing waste material to manufacture board wood at extremely competitive pricing. Most of the end product will be consumed by contracted buyers. The Return on investment exceeds 42% conservatively over a 7 year period.

Heavy Equipment Leasing and Contracting Company

Industry: Construction

Country: United Arab Emirates

Value: US $ 15,000,000.00

This very solid company has had a fantastic track record executing projects in the UAE, and Oman, and are currently looking at expanding their offerings and service to beyond their conventional business. They own, lease and operate their own construction and heavy equipment and have been actively winning contracts for earth moving and infrastructure projects.

Healthcare Investments Holding Company

Industry: Health Care

Country: United Arab Emirates

Value: US $ 30,000,000.00

An excellent opportunity to invest in a well diversified healthcare investment company with investments in pharmaceutical manufacturing, dental clinics, pharmacy chains, insurance, and distribution.

Education Investment Company

Industry: Education

Country: United Arab Emirates

Value: US $ 40,000,000.00

Enter a very exciting strategic investment in one of the most elaborate chains of private schools in the UAE, with a solid growth year on year.

Poultry Business

Industry: Food and Beverage

Country: Jordan

Value: US $ 20,000,000.00

A Publicly listed entity that has a fantastic profile is looking to raise its capital to accommodate for the increasing demand in the supply chain to create a fully integrated entity that becomes the market leader. Easy exit strategy, and excellent growth projected.

Chain of Bookstores

Industry: Retail - Education

Country: Egypt

Value: US $ 13,000,000.00

A very unique chain of bookstores with great emphasis on the community, growing at a very exciting pace with a mix of organic and franchise options in Egypt and the GCC. The model incorporates a unique store in store concept as well as comfortable cafe and activity area.

Early Childhood Education Centers

Industry: Education

Country: United Arab Emirates

Value: US $ 5,000,000.00

A very exciting opportunity to invest in running early childhood education centers with a strong international brand with solid local expertise. These centers are strategically located through out Dubai, and expanding strongly in the GCC. The strong cash flow coupled with the consistent growth make this a very lucrative investment