Opportunities Available

Niche Engineering Services

Industry: Engineering Services

Country: United Arab Emirates

Value: US $ 5,000,000.00

A very rare opportunity to invest upto 30% of a profitable JV that specializes in Green Buildings and Leed designs among a broad range of engineering services with a solid track record.

Oil and Gas Logistics

Industry: Oil and Gas

Country: Kuwait

Value: US $ 20,000,000.00

A stake in a public company that is majority owned by a large family, providing logistics to the oil and gas industry.

Plastic Tube Manufacturing Facility

Industry: Construction / Manufacturing

Country: United Arab Emirates

Value: US $ 10,000,000.00

Our client is a well developed plastic conduit and corrugated piping, fittings and systems manufacturer in the UAE, with a very progressive 30% increase in sales year on year. They are currently looking for a strategic partner that can help exploit their full potential into the regional markets.


Industry: Healthcare

Country: Turkey

Value: US $ 25,000,000.00

A well established hospital in Turkey has started constructing a new modern building and facicility that would treat over 500 patients daily. The construction is at 80% completion and the share holders are looking into introducing a new strategic partner that would be invest in their new operation and share the profits from both the new and the existing facility.

Packaging Business - Turkey

Industry: Packaging

Country: Turkey

Value: US $ 8,000,000.00

With a long history of processing, this very well diversified paper packaging company has had an excellent track record selling its products to the International and Turkish markets.

Oil and Gas Services Company - Abu Dhabi

Industry: Oil and Gas

Country: United Arab Emirates

Value: US $ 5,000,000.00

Well established Oil and gas services company looking for growth capital to expand its service offerings and regional exposure, and help drive the existing business into larger volumes and higher margins.

Recycling Plant

Industry: Industrial

Country: United Arab Emirates

Value: US $ 16,000,000.00

A new venture will use existing waste material to manufacture board wood at extremely competitive pricing. Most of the end product will be consumed by contracted buyers. The Return on investment exceeds 42% conservatively over a 7 year period.

Oil and Gas Logistics Business

Industry: Logistics

Country: Malaysia

Value: US $ 45,000,000.00

One of the largest banks in Malaysia is exiting their 51% stake in a highly experienced offshore supply vessels operator that is publically listed on the stock exchange. This company has an excellent exposure to the domestic Oil and Gas services sector and owns 5 upstream vessels. Strong Revenue and Growth forecasts estimating an EBITDA of 14 M USD.

Packaging Manufacturing Facility

Industry: Packaging

Country: United Arab Emirates

Value: US $ 65,000,000.00

A very successful leading manufacturing facility in the UAE that produces an extensive range of products that have been well received by the local and regional clients.

Heavy Equipment Leasing and Contracting Company

Industry: Construction

Country: United Arab Emirates

Value: US $ 15,000,000.00

This very solid company has had a fantastic track record executing projects in the UAE, and Oman, and are currently looking at expanding their offerings and service to beyond their conventional business. They own, lease and operate their own construction and heavy equipment and have been actively winning contracts for earth moving and infrastructure projects.

Healthcare Investments Holding Company

Industry: Health Care

Country: United Arab Emirates

Value: US $ 30,000,000.00

An excellent opportunity to invest in a well diversified healthcare investment company with investments in pharmaceutical manufacturing, dental clinics, pharmacy chains, insurance, and distribution.

Education Investment Company

Industry: Education

Country: United Arab Emirates

Value: US $ 40,000,000.00

Enter a very exciting strategic investment in one of the most elaborate chains of private schools in the UAE, with a solid growth year on year.

Poultry Business

Industry: Food and Beverage

Country: Jordan

Value: US $ 20,000,000.00

A Publicly listed entity that has a fantastic profile is looking to raise its capital to accommodate for the increasing demand in the supply chain to create a fully integrated entity that becomes the market leader. Easy exit strategy, and excellent growth projected.