Tharaa Capital is an international financial placement and business development agency offering innovative and profitable financial solutions and services to high net worth individuals and companies in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey.

Tharaa Capital is a member of Tharaa Holding which is an emerging business conglomerate based in Dubai. The Group has identified its core competencies to successfully make a mark in business activities related to creating, managing and enjoying wealth. Tharaa Holding believes in identifying market opportunities early enough to develop sustainable companies that operate as independent profit centers managed by experts in the respective fields of business.

Our inherent commitment at Tharaa Capital, is to create value, and advise on carefully selected target companies. We aim to leverage our spheres of influence to develop the best possible opportunities with attractive growth strategies, better efficiencies, and smooth exits. Our focus is primarily in the food and health care sectors, as these sectors are under a lot of pressure to develop and grow. Our values entice us to focus our resources and expand on the possibilities in these sectors as they are also the livelihood of our communities, and they tie in to our social responsibility to increase growth and efficiency in this area.

We had carefully studied these two sectors in depth after evaluating the complete supply chain, and have developed an acute understanding and appreciation to the major players in this industry, and have generated some impressive buy and sell side mandates within them.

Our previous exposure to the Energy and industrial sectors, made them be our secondary focus areas. These two sectors are very well established in the Region, and have become our core business, as they have been hungry for growth, diversification, and achieving economies of scale.